Tibor Black

Tibor has been a professional Tattoo artist since 2013 and now runs Black Diamond Tattoo Studio, which has been open since April 2018. He does regular spots at studios in England, Switzerland and Germany as a guest artist several times throughout the year. He enjoys doing this for the experience and contacts that can be made through collaborating with other big companies and artists in Europe. From this year, he has attended various major Tattoo Conventions, starting with the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention in the USA. There are plans for many more across Europe and the US going forward so look out for updates! He has a very friendly and welcoming personality and loves to engage in his clients ideas. All Tibors tattoo designs are bespoke and customised to his clients needs. Starting with a personal, one to one consultation which can be arranged in the studio, by E-mail or over the phone.
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New York 2018 - 2nd place Best of portrait


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Prešov 2010 - 2nd place Individual 

Silesia 2012 - 3rd place Black & White

Prievidza 2012 - 1st place Black & White

Silesia 2013 - 3rd place Black & White

Silesia 2013 - Best of day

Berlín 2013 - 1st place  Realistic

Prešov 2014 - 3rd place Individual

Bratislava 2016 - 1st place Realistic

Prešov 2017 - 2nd place Individual

Prešov 2017 - 1st place  Large

Drážďani 2017 - 2nd place Realistic

Drážďani 2017 - 2nd place Best of Saturday

Bratislava 2019 - 3rd place Realistic


Miriama has been a tattoo artist since November 2020 and specializes in dotwork, smaller realistic tattoos and fineline aesthetic. She has been drawing since a young age, and enjoys to draw dotwork, but also pencil portraits. She draws inspiration from her favorite works of art by renaissance artists such as Bernini, Caravaggio or da Vinci, but also modern artists and tattoo artists. She enjoys making custom designs for each of her customers to ensure the best possible result. She has a degree from Japanese language and East Asian economy from the University of Vienna.

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